What Greta Gerwig Saw in ‘Little Women’: ‘Those Are My Girls’

BY THE TIME SHE WAS DONE SHOOTING final December, Gerwig was six months pregnant, although her forged and crew didn’t know that on the time. “I didn’t really intend for it to be that way,” Gerwig stated. “It’s just that at the beginning, you don’t tell anyone. And then at some point, I realized, ‘Well, maybe I’ll just make it to the end, and no one will know.’ And then I did.” In the spring, she delivered her tough reduce to the studio, and 24 hours later, she went into labor. “The baby was like, ‘All right, let’s do this,’” Gerwig stated.

In late October, Gerwig arrived at a New York preview screening of “Little Women” for a crowd of journalists and critics and Alcott students. She stood awkwardly in the aisle, and a receiving line shaped in entrance of her, everybody desirous to seize her arms and contact her shoulders and pay their respects. “I feel like I’m at my wedding, for my movie,” she stated, after which she slouched to the entrance of the room to introduce the movie. “As a girl, my heroine was Jo,” she stated. “As a woman, it’s Louisa May Alcott.”

As she spoke, I seen she was sporting a hoop on the ring finger of her left hand. I watched her movie, I cried, after which I went dwelling and scanned her latest press pictures for the ring. It had materialized a number of months in the past and hadn’t left. Some of the photographs have been hooked up to tabloid reviews of the “secret baby” she’d had with Baumbach, whose personal movie about artwork and relationships, “A Marriage Story,” is due in November. I assume I, too, was desirous to know whether or not my heroine can be married by the top. That night time, when Gerwig was out strolling her canine, Wizard, she known as me, and I requested her questions on directing motion pictures, after which I stated:

“So are you married?”

“Oh, no,” she stated. She laughed.

I had seen she was sporting a hoop, I stated.

“Yeah, that’s a — that’s true, but — yes — no, but I’m not married,” she stated. Then she added mischievously: “Yet.”

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