What Does VSCO Think About the ‘VSCO Girls’?

The 15-year-old YouTuber Emma Marie’s video “The ultimate VSCO sleepover,” posted in July, has been considered greater than 1.three million occasions. In it, seven of Emma’s pals come over to spend the evening on her yard trampoline, which has been overlaid with tapestries, pillows, fuzzy blankets and heat string lights. The décor shouldn’t be an unique idea; it’s primarily based on an Instagram picture, one that’s emblematic of a particularly on-line visible identification.

“I know VSCO is just an app and you can’t actually be, like, a ‘VSCO person,’” Emma says in the video. “It just became a thing.” (She and her pals transfer the occasion inside shortly after organising, as a result of mosquitoes.)

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