Under Modi, Hindus Find Hope for a Temple on Disputed Speck of Land

AYODHYA, India — The barefooted pilgrims handed by watchtowers, checkpoints and partitions topped with barbed wire. They emptied their pockets, stepped by way of 4 metallic detectors and lined up, single file, to enter a path enclosed by a slim cage.

At the top of the walkway was a tent with a golden idol at its entrance. Inside is the spot Hindus think about the birthplace of the god Ram.

Visitors bottlenecked to catch a glimpse. Women positioned soggy payments into a donations field. And the pilgrims chanted, “Hail Lord Ram!”

For many years, Hindus and Muslims have sparred over this speck of land in Ayodhya, India’s most disputed spiritual web site, a few barren acres close to the nation’s northern farmlands.

For years, the trust has readied pillars for the temple. Tour guides speaking half a dozen languages lead pilgrims with shaved heads, a mark of piety, around finished pillars inscribed with “Hail Lord Ram.” They claim that the pieces can be assembled in just 24 hours if the court gives permission.

Source link Nytimes.com

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