Shut Out by Shoe Giants, ‘Mom and Pop’ Stores Feel Pinched

“It doesn’t mean the physical stores are going to go away, but there will be a whole lot less of them,” mentioned Matt Powell, a sports activities business analyst for NPD. “It’s unfortunate, because our country’s retail business was built on the small mom-and-pops.”

Nike ended its relationship with the Hornes with a November 2015 letter stating, “We have recently determined that Colburn Shoe Store no longer aligns with our business strategy.”

The shoemaker wouldn’t talk about the specifics of its retail method.

“Nike continually evaluates the marketplace and competitive landscape to understand how we can best serve consumers,” Sandra Carreon-John, a Nike spokeswoman, mentioned in an electronic mail assertion. “As part of this, from time to time we do make adjustments to our sales channels, in order to optimize distribution.”

Adidas additionally declined to debate specifics, however claimed it had no minimal order threshold. “Our retail partners can order products in any quantity,” the spokeswoman, Maria Culp, mentioned in an electronic mail.

Yet Ms. Swanger, of Glick’s Shoe Store, mentioned the elevated minimal volumes had been a big motive for the shop’s closing.

“It’s a huge problem. We lost Nike a couple years ago,” Ms. Swanger mentioned. “That really hurt us.”

In late May, UGG closed its account with Maine Sport Outfitters, an unbiased open air retailer in Rockport, citing its failure to satisfy a $10,000 annual minimal. The firm’s footwear purchaser, Emma Beaudry, mentioned the shop had already misplaced its Adidas and Nike accounts, and minimal volumes had been a think about each circumstances.

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