Orville Peck, a Masked Gay Country Star, Rides Into Brooklyn

The enigmatic nation singer often known as Orville Peck is using excessive nowadays. He is on the quilt of British GQ Style, carrying star-spangled boots and a black masks that obscures his face.

The New Yorker, in a assessment of his debut album, “Pony,” referred to as him the “masked man our yee-haw moment deserves” and described his voice as having “the sexy, menacing melodrama of Roy Orbison.”

The Los Angeles Times declared that he’s “as venerated as any pop diva” by the “hipsters in West Hollywood,” which appears to be a thinly veiled reference to his giant homosexual fan base.

Giving off what he called a “cowboy-in-the-city kind of vibe,” he wore a sleeveless Western vest that showed off his toned and tattooed arms, and a pair of dusty Wrangler jeans. And although his character always wears a mask, he arrived without one, revealing his piercing blue eyes and chiseled features. But he quickly put one on (a menacing black leather mask with stringy tassels) when a photographer arrived.

“The masks exist as a point of discussion for people to add their own take on them,” he said.

A young instructor named Alexus Lawson walked him to the barn and had him wait by a tower of saddles. “Nice quality leather,” Mr. Peck said.

As it turned out, Mr. Peck was not the only show pony there. He was introduced to Tonka, a 20-year-old black horse who has appeared on “Today” and “Saturday Night Live.” He felt Tonka’s muscular body. “He’s so beautiful,” Mr. Peck said. “Look at those eyelashes.”

After saddling up, he followed Ms. Lawson and rode toward Ocean Parkway, looking like a campy butch Lone Ranger on the traffic-clogged streets of central Brooklyn. Despite his disguises, Mr. Peck has a cerebral, salt-of-the-earth nature.

“I don’t avoid questions about my life because I am trying to be obtuse,” he said. “I use it as something to enhance the artistry of what I do.”

It took some cajoling before he offered any personal tidbits, referring to a childhood spent in “Africa, North America and Europe,” with a father who is a glam-rock sound engineer and a mother who is an artist. He identifies as gay and gave his age as 31.

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