It’s a Girl! It’s a Boy! And for the Gender-Reveal Cake, It May Be the End

Cake is requested to take action a lot, what with all the weddings and birthdays and workplace events for colleagues headed off to greener pastures. And that’s not even counting extra trendy pressures, like wanting good on social media and starring in Supreme Court instances.

But right here’s a reveal that may seemingly come as excellent news to muffins in all places: They might not should announce the intercourse of an impending child.

The gender-reveal cake first gained traction round 2009, when actuality TV stars and on a regular basis alike started reducing open muffins dyed pink or blue and broadcasting the occasion on community morning exhibits or YouTube, which then was all of 4 years previous.

Gender-reveal cakes, Mx. Woodstock said, are losing popularity because they fetishize babies’ genitals and underscore outdated social constructs of gender roles. “It’s not so much the noting of what sexual organs a baby has, but the rather aggressive nature of assuming what those genitals mean,” they said.

When people who post their videos and photos of gender-reveal parties on Instagram accidentally tag the Gender Reveal podcast, Mx. Woodstock sometimes uses it as an opportunity to provide a little education. “I might say, ‘This is a convenient time to remind you that the genitals of your baby don’t determine the baby’s gender.’”

The team at the bakery will keep making the cakes as long as customers order them, she said, “but wouldn’t it be a glorious world if this whole gender-reveal cake moment would go away for good?”

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