How The Astro Poets Spend Their Sundays

The poets Alex Dimitrov and Dorothea Lasky met at a celebration in Brooklyn almost a decade in the past and bonded over astrology. Mr. Dimitrov, 34, a Sagittarius, and Ms. Lasky, 41, an Aries, went on to develop the Twitter account, Astro Poets. Now over half one million followers obtain their weekly forecast and every day quips.

Their first ebook, “Astro Poets: Your Guides to the Zodiac,” comes out Oct. 29. Mr. Dimitrov lives in a studio residence on the Upper East Side. Ms. Lasky, who teaches writing at Columbia University, lives on campus together with her husband, Thom Donovan, 42, a poet and archivist, their daughter, Hera, four, and son, Chance, 2.

The Astro Poets attempt to spend each Sunday afternoon collectively. Usually, the celebrities align.

RISING SUN Alex: I often rise up at eight:30, however I learn earlier than I rise up. Right now I’m studying a bunch of novels as a result of I’m writing a novel. I’m studying “A Sentimental Education,” by Flaubert. I’m additionally studying “Seize the Day” by Saul Bellow, which is a little bit of a nap. Dorothea: I get up at 5 or 5:30 and attempt to do some writing earlier than my youngsters get up at 6. They each ask for milk very first thing. They’re in love with milk. Not breast milk. It’s not a hippie factor.

ON THEIR OWN PLANETS Dorothea: We would possibly go to the youngsters’s museum close to my home or the Natural History Museum. Alex: Before I meet Dottie for lunch, I at all times go for a run within the park. I stroll from my home to the park, and that makes me really feel responsible as a result of I may run that stroll. But I by no means stroll leisurely in New York and that form of upsets me. So it’s the one time I stroll leisurely, and it’s a superb time for me to suppose.

IN HARMONY Dorothea: We’ve been going to the identical restaurant for 10 years. Souen is a macrobiotic restaurant downtown. Alex: We get the macrobiotic plate, which has brown rice and kale and two kinds of seaweed. Dorothea: Also a kind of yam which has a fancier name than yam but I forget what it’s called. Alex: We used to get an appetizer of seitan and guacamole, but they stopped that. For a while we were kind of lost at sea without the seitan. We’re ritualistic. I think most poets are. Dorothea: We’re both Midwesterners. It might have more to do with the Midwest than with poetry.

ELEMENTS Alex: After lunch, we go to this place called Enchantments. It’s a witch store. We shop there for things we might need for divinations or spells. We’ve bought rose petals there, and glitter and hyacinths and candles.

Dorothea: Alex and I are both strong believers in the idea of what emerges. So we’re not going to go in and be like, ‘Today I’m going to get five daisies.’ Alex: The stuff we get there doesn’t have to be witchy stuff. We’re just guided by what we feel we want to be thinking about. Sometimes it’s a color. Like maybe we’ll be in a blue mood.

PSYCHIC PREP Alex: We each get usually three things, then we bring them back to Dottie’s place. We don’t ever go to my place. If you saw how small my studio is you’d kind of understand. Dorothea: But a lot of times before we go to my house we’ll go to Crystals Garden. I don’t know if you’d call what they have there jewelry but there’s all these amazing rocks and crystals and plants. And sometimes while we’re still downtown we visit the wheel in front of St. Mark’s Church. There’s a karmic wheel on the ground that has all the signs on it. It’s kind of subtle, so you might never know it’s right in front of the church.

ENTERING THE HOUSE OF DOTTIE Alex: The purpose of us going to Dottie’s is really just for us to talk. It’s creativity related always. Again, we’re big believers in seeing what will come out of doing anything. So we might do free writing or divination, just to see what comes out of it.

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