Eat, Pray, Love, Lose, Write a Book, Repeat

But she nonetheless exhibits up for talking gigs, giving her all — karaoke, dancing! — to interlocutors like Rob Bell, the writer, religious instructor and former megachurch pastor. They met in 2014, on “Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend,” a two-day self-help extravaganza and area tour led by Ms Winfrey.

In January, on the Largo comedy membership in Los Angeles, Ms. Gilbert and Mr. Bell chicken-danced and mugged to “Can’t Stop,” the Red Hot Chili Peppers tune, for what appeared like an eternity, a transfer designed to final, as Ms. Gilbert put it, “long past when it’s appropriate and so much that it becomes awkward.”

Such unabashed habits, Mr. Bell instructed not too long ago, is what attracts folks in. “So much around us is styled and Instagrammed within an inch of its life,” he wrote in an e mail, “however for she and I that is the place the life, the juice, the mojo, theszoosh no matter that phrase is that Liz makes use of — is. I’ve typically felt like my job was to develop in public. I sense that in Liz as effectively. To seek for the water and attempt to describe the place we discovered it.”

The epigraph of “Eat Pray Love” is “Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth!” — an exhortation to Ms. Gilbert delivered by Sheryl Louise Moller, an actress and previous pal, when Ms. Gilbert, pre-“Eat,” had launched into the affair that may finish her first marriage.

“She wrote this book that she thought maybe 60 people would read,” Ms. Moller stated. “It was like a diary, a purge. Then I watched her become this person that Oprah would have on her show. Liz is an old-school storyteller: When she tells a story about you, you sit slack-jawed at the epic-ness of your own tale. I watched her become this person who could get up on stage and tell people what they needed to hear. And connect with those readers. I watched her become the patron saint of any author who’s been hugely successful and had to write the next thing. She knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed by fame. She is absolutely committed to the act of creation, which is why she is able to start again, over and over again.”

At 13 years and counting, how tiresome is it for Ms. Gilbert to maintain answering questions on “Eat Pray Love”?

“I could do it all day, babe,” she stated. “And often I do.”

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