Democrats Debate Climate Change Policies! Blame ‘Them’


When requested whether or not I might watch the 7 hours of televised debate on local weather change between Democratic candidates, I replied that it jogged my memory of the scene from the basic film “Airplane,” the place the character Ted Striker is relating the story of his failed profession and romance, and the particular person sitting subsequent to him is pouring gasoline over himself. Although pouring whiskey may need been simpler.

So, no, I didn’t watch the ‘debate’ however have learn the follow-up tales (together with different protection, together with candidates’ web sites) to generate the desk beneath summarizing numerous salient factors. Not all numbers are comparable, displaying completely different durations, definitional variations, and so on., however they need to be informative. I’ve tried to depend on solely latest commentary and positions, however cannot faux that is definitive.

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The Pogo “We have met the enemy and he is us” Award goes to: Nobody. None appear to acknowledge that emissions come from the general public, versus, say, company polluters. (Andrew Yang comes closest; see subsequent merchandise.)

The Huey Long “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind that tree” award goes to: The complete slate, save Andrew Yang. A pair appear to assist cap-and-trade, however from what I can inform, all deal with the thought of a carbon tax because the third rail of local weather change coverage. Taxes are one thing paid by different folks, primarily companies.  (Compare and distinction with Trump’s insistence that China pays for import tariffs.)  Only Yang suggests taxing emissions.

The “Negative Patient Outcome” euphemism award goes to: Again, your complete slate for proposing to “invest” moderately than “spend”. One story included 13 references to ‘invest,’ none to ‘spend,’ for instance.

The Carl Sagan “Billyuns and Billyuns” award goes to Bernie Sanders, for suggesting a $16 trillion local weather change program. (Talk about inflation!)

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